What value do you put on your dollar? I don’t mean the worth of the Australian dollar I mean what money means to you? What would you do for money or maybe a better question is what would you not do for money? We all know that doing anything to make a quick dollar may take you down a road you really don’t want to go. Often it is the little things you know not to be okay, that really your values are being ground away but in the short term what does it really matter? Hey its not your company or those clients really don’t care or haven’t check it out…so why would you need to rock the boat?

You see for me I might need to eat but I also need to sleep. And one thing I do know is that its the little things that make the huge difference. Because the little things, those things you are willing to accept they are the signs that you are heading down a road you really don’t want to go.

Now being THAT person who is the only one prepared to question or to say that is not okay – that is your dollar value. You are the one I want with me on the battlefield, watching my back and ensuring that I will not get killed by a bullet. Not the person who thinks it’s okay to let it go through to the keeper.

What are you tolerating?

They are the little pebbles that give ripples – it started somewhere and if it’s on your watch then you are just as responsible as everyone else on the team.

Why didn’t you say something?
Why are you not suggesting a new way?
What are you scared about?

When I spoke up at a tech company I was working for I was quickly shut down and no longer had the work. However fast forward 12 months and the company has almost ground to a halt. The problems within the company that I called has infected the others that stayed and in the end they did not have work either. If these people had of all voiced their concerns this company may have had a very different outcome. Everyone could see the elephant in the room but few where able to mention it.

When you step up for what you believe in you attract more abundance in your life. You are rewarded for being who you are and you find like minded people who offer more opportunity that suits you. This increases your self worth and in turn your dollar value!