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Simplify Sales…..
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Imagine your sales process was highly effective and efficient….what would you do with all your spare time ?
This book breaks down the myths and gives you a step by step process to have an effective and simple sales strategy plan to increase your profits in any business.


(Even if you don’t like sales and you are time poor)

#1 Sales is not a dirty word !

Everyone everyday sells and if you think your not – why ? What is your perception of sales as this is holding you back ? Every business needs sales and no matter where you sit in a company you are selling. A business with no sales is not a business its a charity. In this book I reverse engineer the process of sales success so you can see exactly how important your sales strategy is to keep everyone on the same page and how simple it is to increase sales…..and how this will save you time and money.

#3 How booking your holiday will increase your sales

You are full of good intentions for making your business really successful. You are working long hours 7 days a week…..this book explains how your good intentions are driving sales away from your business. Understanding the law of attraction and abundance makes a big difference in business and the difference between success and failure is your mindset !

Book your holiday now (I know a great travel agent) and know that your success will increase dramatically because you are being proactive like never before !

#5 Discover the simplest and easiest way to keep your successful business on track, increase sales and give you time to do stuff that you want like travel !

AND you will have time for the important things in life like family, friends…..and TRAVEL !

#2 Small changes - Sales increase

There are many sales strategies in this book that require no additional money being spent in your business. For example you will learn how one small change can increase productivity, an easy way to close the sale, how to supersede your clients expectations (under promise and over deliver) how to sell more to your existing clients and how to easily focus on proactive tasks that get sales. All of these strategies you can successfully implement without spending a single cent and in fact how you can save money by implementing them.

#4 There is gold outside of social media too

The majority of frustrations in small business is starting that database. Getting known, getting clients, getting sales. If you are spending huge amounts of time in your business doing what you think you “should” do on social media but your not really getting anywhere what is it costing you in dollars ?

Many businesses can be very successful outside social media. In fact business boomed before the Internet (or did you forget that) Social media is fabulous for building contacts but once you have them what’s next ?

Learn where to put your limited resources and time to build your hungry crowd in the easiest and fastest way for you. And without another free webinar on “how” that promises everything and delivers nothing !



How to increase your sales....and do other fun stuff like travel the world !


What you are worth and how to charge for it


How to goal set, stay focused and get what you want


Core selling skills, the T.O.T.E model and how to easily close the sale.


Why little things can make a big difference in sales (many clients are just missing a half a step)


Why competition is a good thing and how you can make it work for you


The difference between proactive and inactive tasks and what to focus on to increase your sales


Why having high end expensive products (like overseas retreats or workshops) increases your business sales


Where your losing money by doing too much for clients who are paying too little


How you are alway correct even when you are wrong


How to sack those clients that are hard work and how to engage clients you love to be around


Pricing formulas that maximises profit and revenue


That every 'no' is fabulous as it takes you closer to your next sale


The art of networking and how to work your networks


Why you must ask the question then state the intention


How gratitude can increase your sales


How to understand your limiting beliefs and how to release them


Why you must have a niche and how to ensure you love it !


Speak to your clients to ensure you get the sale


Be a leader in sales and increase your market share


Introduction13Proactive Vs Inactive Tasks26Little Things Make a Big Difference
1One Hundred Percent Responsible14Core Selling Skills27Gratitude
2Time is Money15Closing the Sale28Mindset
3Goal Setting16The T.O.T.E. Model29Limiting Beliefs
4Staying Focused17Self-Care30Release Self-Limiting Beliefs
5Time Efficiency in the Office18Different Words31I Am Not Your Cup of Tea!
6To Do Lists19Expectations32Reslience
7Systems20Networking & Networks3312 Rules for Eating Frogs for Breakfast
8Work Space21Modeling Excellence34Critical Points of Business Success
9Underpromise, Overdeliver22Recipe for your Slice of Sales35Case Study
10Ask the Question then state the Intention23Leadership in Sales36Tools to Add to Your Belt – Workbook
11Niche Market24You are Correct37Conclusion
12How Much Time to give the Client25The Law of Attraction
Sales are essential to success, but many people believe that sales are something to be feared and only for “sales professionals.” The truth is, everyone everywhere sells themselves every day.

Those people successful in business are good sales people. They may not be selling a product or a service directly, but they sell themselves every day to everyone they meet. If you think you are not in sales, then think again! Every encounter you have is a sales encounter. I grant you some are very poor at it and others label it differently – manipulating, connecting, customer service, charisma, doing my job, helping others, giving support, caring, reacting, being nice, influencing, understanding – the list goes on.

If you can truly master the information in this book you will be more successful than you ever thought possible because you will MASTER the sales process. Hold that thought as we will get to that later! It does not matter what industry you are in, what position you hold or if you apply this to your work or home life – understanding, accepting and having a sales mindset will dramatically change your life for the better.

Why is it so important to master sales?

Speaking with many small businesses, I find it amazing how many have difficulty finding good staff. I started to question this because clearly, what defines a “good” staff member? I suppose it is like anything, really. What is a good football team, a good husband, a good car or a good anything? It depends on you and your expectations.

I briefly worked for a business in my twenties that constantly had “bad” staff. In fact, turnover was so high some staff only stayed a month. I remembering asking the CEO about this and he said we just cannot get the right people. After I worked there for there months I had my review. I was asked some very clear questions about my thoughts and I answered them honestly. Clearly my answers were not what the CEO wanted to hear.

Sales figures are sales figures and they state a very clear picture to what is going on in the business.
The question for this CEO was, is it the staff or is it the leadership? If this CEO only took on 5 percent or even 10 percent of the responsibility instead of automatically labeling the sales staff “bad” – what difference would this had made to his business ? If there is massive turnover in staff, then the question needs to be asked, “what is going on?”

Time is money. This is the same 25 years ago when I started in travel and it is still the same today. We have progressed with wonderful time saving devises like word processors, fax machines, email, photocopiers and Internet. Certainly time-saving office equipment is fabulous for any office. Then why are we busier than ever before?

There may be many reasons why but I believe the main reason is that many people do not value their time and therefore, neither do their clients. Could you sit with a doctor, lawyer, dentist or any professional for 30 minutes without being charged? Could you walk into any of their offices without an appointment and expect to be seen immediately?

The business owners out there who are making money are making really good money because they have worked out that time is money. They know what they are worth and they know how to charge. They are in control and many do not have shop fronts and work on referral only. They also have a “niche” market and do not try to be everything to everyone. They specialize so that clients will come to them – clients with money to spend not clients who just want to waste your time. Working this out is the first step to good time management and people with good time management make more money.

If you are reading this, I understand that you want to make a profit or increase your profit from your business. First thing: you need to set your big picture goal and work backwards breaking that goal into smaller and smaller achievable tasks.

Everyone’s goals are different but one thing that sets people apart from having different level of achievements is their goal setting and their drive to obtain the goal. For many people, having a job that pays the bills is enough. For other people it is not. They may want to be a multi-billionaire. No matter your goal, you can obtain it. Everyone can obtain their goal! If you have the desire and want it – it will happen. It may require hard work, and it may not. The first step is to set your big picture goal. You need this first, as how will you get somewhere when you do not know where it is you are heading?

Establish an emotional connection with the life you want to create for yourself. It’s going to be so much fun! Such excitement! Such adventure! Such a great feeling to fill your “think tank” with uplifting and positive thoughts! Your life is about to become extraordinary.

And now, to the “how” of creating a new life…

Staying focused on what you want is easier with these tips:

1. Narrow your focus. Unfinished business saps your energy. You can only give your best if you pay attention to one thing at a time. Getting stressed and feeling overwhelm by taking on too much, is simply energy zapping. Choose one goal. Give it your all. Finish it. Move on.

2. De-stress. Meditate, go outside and exercise, remove yourself from the problem and learn to master your thoughts.

3. Go public. Tell supportive friends (and your partner if you have one) about your goal. Sell the project to them and build your own excitement in the process! The more you make it public, the harder it will be to quit.

4. Go with the flow. Motivation and energy have an ebb and flow. It’s best to stick to a plan and be consistent no matter how tired you feel. A temporary slump doesn’t have to spell the end of your dreams if you use the ebb (low energy/ low motivation) period to recharge your batteries, maybe do some reading on the subject, meditate to seek intuitive guidance, etc.

I am ready to simplify sales, free up my time….and travel the world !
(or other fun stuff)


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