Superheroes eat frogs instead of kissing them: life experience from a super hero in training

This is a story of my unexpected journey from anxiety-ridden, overwhelmed people-pleaser to a woman of strength, compassion and wisdom. It’s a story of everywoman: trying to be something to everybody, juggling kids, career, marriage and self. Except that on the way to being something to everybody, I had forgotten myself. Once I understood that there was no magic pill, no miracle fix that would transform me into a superhero – let alone someone who could cope with the life I designed, I began a journey of self-discovery.

Simplify Sales…..and travel the world

Imagine your sales process was highly effective and efficient….what would you do with all your spare time ?

This book breaks down the myths and gives you a step by step process to have an effective and simple sales strategy plan to increase your profits in any business.

Simplify Leadership…..and put your feet up

Its the little things that make a big difference in your leadership. Like anything when you follow the KISS theory its easy to simplify your leadership, empower others and have a growth mindset. It takes consistency but you know you are worth it – right ? As are your team, stakeholders, colleagues, friends and family…. Let’s do it now and then put our feet up !

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