I was at a 50th birthday on the weekend (not my age group yet !) A group of people who were chatting around the back yard fire pit when one stated “OMG Social Media is rubbish for business – it is just time wasting” Interesting as the others around the fire started to agree with their own “stories” and “beliefs” to why this was so true.

Any business task, social media included needs a plan as the band-aid approach is never going to work long term. Many business owners tackle “social media” with the belief it will never work and without thinking about it in a strategic way. Therefore it is “doomed” before it has even started.

If you were to put on a “sales person” in your business how would you go about it ? Would you employ anyone, offer no training and let them lose on your data base ? Probably not.

Prior to employing a new sales person a sales and marketing plan or strategy needs to be prepared. This ensures the foundations of the business are strong and the message consistent with the values of the business. It also successfully support the sales person to be able to service current clients and get new leads into the business.

Tacking Social Media needs the same support as this is your “online” sales person. Think about the image you want to project of your company. What is your brand’s personality and how can your customers get an idea of what you’re about? Your brand voice should inform all of your written copy, your website, social media messages, emails and packaging.

The key to using Social Media for business successfully is understanding that it is a place where people “see” your business then “trust” your business before “buying” anything from your business. Your message on “Social Media” must have a consistent message for 30 days for anyone to “see” what you do.

It was an interesting conversation that night around the fire pit as I wondered how different would this conversation be if we were at a 30th birthday party – thinking it would be “OMG Social Media is awesome for business……”