Meditations – RINSE and RESET

Having space in between in our busy lives is so important !

Meditation gives us space for all the stuff to bubble up and be processed rather than “leaking” all over the place.

What do I mean by leaking ?

Do you …

  • get really angry in the car at others ?
  • find no one is listening to you?
  • sometime “talk” and forget the purpose of the story?
  • others speak over the top of you?
  • feel at times invisible?
  • feel stressed ?
  • not sleeping well ?
  • wake at night ?
  • find it hard to turn off?
  • “busy” all the time and never on top of things?

How kind are you to the most important person in the world ? YOU

Give yourself some time to relax rinse & reset

A Program of 5 Meditations – $14.95

The meditations included in this program are:

  • Inner child
  • Peaceful place
  • The ocean
  • The power to succeed
  • Trusting me

Available to access immediately after purchase

I meet Jack Canfield worldwide successful author & leadership coach at his private retreat in Tuscany. Every day started with a mediation and I recorded these not long after my return. I know you will enjoy them.

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