Getting a 6 figure income from your Coaching or Consulting Business doesn’t have to be hard.

The bridge between where you are, and where you want to be is ‘The Multiplier Effect’

Love what you do but hate the digital marketing landscape, the tech, and the ‘business’ side of business?

Sick of buying the courses and half implementing things that don’t feel congruent with your values?

Tired of not knowing where your next client is coming from? 

Fed up with your stale social media accounts, and even more stagnant bank account?

Spending valuable time on social media without consistent results?


Let’s change all that. 


In 12 months I’ve taken my coaching business from zero to $40,000 months. 


  • Without ads.
  • Without a qualified database
  • Without a big audience or network to rely on. 


You don’t need a fancy marketing funnel, paid advertising, high tech (read: expensive) software, or manipulative tactics to grow a thriving coaching and consulting business. 


In fact you need the exact opposite ! 


Right now you can get your hands on the exact methodology I used (and continue to use) inside my book ‘The Multiplier Effect’

The 1% gap between where you are and where you want to be is ‘The Multiplier Effect’

There’s no silver bullet or magic pill that’s going to make you ‘successful’. 

But there is a step by step, repeatable system that you can implement if you’re sick and tired of ‘big boy’ marketing and really just want to:


  • wasting time on the wrong things
  • pulling your hair out with complicated tech
  • throwing spaghetti (and money) at the wall to see what sticks
  • getting distracted with the newest ‘tactics’


  • your genius, high level work
  • serve your clients
  • make a real difference

WITHOUT working long hours, feeling yuck and resenting your business because of it.

Hi, I’m Sandy

I’m a specialist communications and creative leadership facilitator, and professional business coach with extensive national and international experience. I started my consulting business from scratch almost 10 years ago and made all the mistakes possible. In fact I had been super successful in my previous career but felt that success in my consultancy business elude me. I found it frustrating and a little soul destroying because I knew I was great at my craft but was missing that 1% I promised myself after I had cracked the code I would empower others to do similar. Business is not hard or easy, it’s just a system to make an income (us human’s label it).

People working with me often comment that “She gives everything she’s got” and I expect my clients to do the same. If your not wanting to give it 100% and get amazing results then I am not the coach for you ! 25 years as a leader in building business has taught me that success and sustainable performance is derived from a purpose-based strategy and systems. And while many of us maybe great at our “craft” we may need a little help with understanding the “system” without paying a fortune.

Changes in the facilitation landscape prompted a significant change to my business model. In just months I was able to take my business to multiple 5 figure months consistently. I’ve relied on strategy and systems to do this, and now work with others who want to do the same. Some of my clients now also work in my business too as well as being able to achieve success in their own. For me its about the “multiplying effect” as the world more than ever needs more amazing coaches & facilitators like you. So let’s do it now together!

Here’s what you’ll discover when you get your digital copy of
‘The Multiplier Effect’

  • The Leadership Coach and Facilitator Profile – and why you should care
  • Learning to read the minds of your potential clients
  • The 1% that changes everything in your business
  • How the Time Versus Money Paradigm is keeping you hostage
  • Investment – The Good, The Bad and The Very Ugly 
  • How your past is like a bad hangover – and what to do about it
  • Manifesting what you want, minus the hype.
  • An insight behind The Red Curtain 
  • The System: Step By Step and in detail
  • The million dollar business asset that costs you nothing
  • How to bring your Perfect Client Avatar to life
  • The Next Steps – Build Your Business and Enjoy Your Life!  
  • The Last Word that will propel you and your business into the reality you’re craving


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