All businesses come to a critical point and some several times. Ever wonder why so many business fail within the first two years ? It is mainly because the founder has a great product or service but they may not have all the ducks aligned to run a small business. They maybe really good at accounts and poor at sales or vice versa.

What are the critical points in any business ? Within the first two years it is a huge learning curve and then when the company is growing it can be the thing that got you to be successful. The founder. How many times I have seen it is the person who had the resilience, put in the hard yards stand in their own way to the next massive growth of the business.

In the early days it was roll up your sleeves and do it all. When the business grows it is time to give empowerment to staff but it is not easy when you have been everything to everybody (or no body if you started your business alone) All of a sudden the thing that got you the success is the thing you need to change. That takes powerful mindset and this is where a business coach is invaluable.

There are many critical points in a business. Founders have good intention but can stand in the way of making a more successful business. The key here is to listen to staff, clients and the people around you – really listen and take feedback. Feedback is not good or bad it is just feedback. No judgement or justification is needed so leave your ego at the door and listen.

Over the years working for other people I had many bosses and one thing was similar staff would often ask “Why does the MD make it so hard for us to make him more money ?” The answer is his ego.

My question back is “Do you want to be successful & rich or do you want to be right?”

And if you think you are still able to pull the wool over anyones eyes….just listen to your staff when you are not around.

They know they are just playing the game like you!

What do do next you might (secretly) ask?

Leadership programs do not need to be expensive or drain huge amounts of money from your training budget. Start with a small step and test what it can do for you, your staff and your market. An extended DISC profile and unpack is relatively low cost, low amount of time and offers great results.

Let’s have a coffee and explore the options today!