A leader who believes that sustainable performance is derived from a strong culture aligned with a purpose-based strategy. Sandy with over 25 year executive management has equipped herself with a wide range of experiences in dealing with businesses both in Australia and Overseas. Sandy has been successful in the Tourism Industry in building business, Strategy and Leadership

Sandy has demonstrated sustained achievement in the form of:

  • Superior, lasting business results
  • Leadership, cultural transformation and change management
  • Strategy and innovation

Sandy is an engaging personality with a selfless style. Her leadership is driven through a strong sense of purpose and values. People working with Sandy comment that “She gives everything she’s got” and expects others to do the same. She is curious, achievement oriented and displays the highest integrity. Sandy makes great effort to maintain authentic connections with people around her and to empower them to work to their potential.
Sandy is now pursuing her passion for realising potential as a Speaker, Author, Educator, Facilitator and Coach.


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