The people I work with are successful smart, knowledgeable and experts in their field. They know their product or service better than anyone but somehow they are not hitting their target in sales.

I am not a shooter but the following from “Shootsmart” will explain two problems on the shooting range that constantly face shooters on missing their target, and shooting to the left.

Remember that time at the range when you mastered your shot group…only to find your placement was just a tad to the left of your target? Or, maybe you’re a left-handed shooter with shots landing slightly to the right? I have found that even the most advanced shooters face this issue on a regular basis. I would like to discuss the causes of “shooting to the left” to help overcome this pesky problem!

After working with many shooters on the range, I’ve found two major causes of shooting to the left:

  1. Squeezing the support hand while firing;
  2. Incorrect trigger finger placement

The first area to assess is your support hand. The left hand is the support hand for right-handed shooters, and the right hand is the support hand for left-handed shooters. You should always maintain a firm grip with your support hand without adding excessive pressure while firing the pistol. Squeezing your support hand too tight when firing the pistol makes the barrel shift slightly to the left. Hint: If your fingertips on your support hand are turning white then you’re probably squeezing too hard.

The second area to assess is your trigger finger placement. Remember to go back to the basics: only use the pad of your finger to press the trigger straight back. If the pad of your finger extends too far over the trigger then your finger acts like a hook causing you to pull the trigger to the right sliding the barrel to the left. When firing the pistol, be sure to always use only the pad of your finger to gently press the trigger.

By reading this you will understand that

  • Both these “problems” are easily identified by “Shootmart” (observer) not the shooter
  • Even the most advanced shooters face this problem on a regular basis
  • That the shooter is unaware of their actions during the process
  • The shooters need to remember to go back to the basics
  • That the only thing the shooter is aware of is their results i.e. they are shooting to left of the target
  • This is a “pesky problem” which is easily overcome once aware of it.
  • When the “shooter” is aware of their actions they can make needed changes to shift results
  • They are only two small things that will massively change their results

Albert Einstein is broadly credited with exclaiming

“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results”

As an observer of your sales strategy we identify one or two small changes you could make in your business today (often with no cost) and your sales will hit the target just like the shooters.